Why Read It


Actually, today, thousands of explanatory-books about the chronic concepts of the God, religion, theology, nature, universe, evolution of life on the earth & beyond the space, health & meditation (& yoga) etc. etc., are existed in a huge books’-market. Then, for me, what is the need of writing another book on such chronic-concepts?

Its reason is that to read such unified-cosmocellular-hypothesis, is meant, to try to understand the teleological-importance of our terrestrial-visit, which is first cosmospiritually & then cosmocellularly started from its cosmic or cosmism-level (nonmolecular-state) to cellular or celluism-level (molecular-state). Every man (either he is poor or rich, good or bad, theist or atheist, literate or illiterate etc.) has all-time-same-hidden-strong-desire to know his Creator. After-all, he is the most-beloved-son of his Godfather. Hence, to reach his Godfather, he has always continuously been making mythological, religious, theological & scientific attempts, since his early-mental-evolution. But, such his too chronic-curiosity has yet not been scientifically satisfied. Because, his all such efforts are failed to convince him rationally, to get absolute knowledge about the God. And, it is not possible, without any such scientific-hypothesis / theory that unifyingly contains all the sciences / philosophies which come, between the atom / cell —–> to —–> cosmos. And, only such unified-like Cosmocellular-Hypothesis can bind all the knowledge, all the sciences, all the religions, all the philosophies, in one-&-the same thread to reach his ultimate-goal the ‘God’. So, later, it can scientifically be explained that how the infinite Cosmism (Omism) of the universe is universally or omnipresently converted into infinitesimal atomism of the atom & celluism (bioism) of the living-cell, at the infinitely-infinitesimal cosmocellular-scale…………… 

For more details, read the book.